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Who We Are?

Planing Tech is an Arabian company helps you to develop your business through many advanced and simple ways of technologies let's introduce your business to the world with a fantastic way through a lot of technology services.

System Design

Our Strategy
we defining the elements of a system such as the architecture, modules and components, the different interfaces of those components and the data that goes through that system.
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After Sales Service

What We Have Done
After-sales service includes what you do at the point of sale, including your customer service and selling techniques. It also includes how you follow up after the customer has left
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View Our success
At Planing Technology, we offer a full complement of Services and Support to ensure customer success. Rather than letting customers struggle with reactive problem solving on their own
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Inportant Fact
PlaninigTec was founded about five years ago, We have deployed more than 300 Projects & designed more than 1,900 design, and look forward to more.
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We are group of professionals focused on making creative and innovative works

When Planing Technolgy makes complete engineering we keep to the following steps:
-Consulting – stage of preliminarily discussion with the client desired systems and possible variants for technical realization according architectural plan;
-Design – preparing technical projects of the discussed systems with the client;
-Installation – technical installation according the designed projects, coordinated with the client;
-Integration – make communication between different systems;
-Supervision – control the installation of the designed projects

Our Vision

The difference is quality
Our Vision To Introduce Simple Technology For Your Business.

Our Mission

Simple Technology for your Business
• Our mission to help you doing your work smoothly and present your valued business to the world with the latest and simple ways of technologies.

Our Skill







Our Services

Just by looking at where we are today, we can already see how powerful technology has been in shaping our world. Through the years, scientists have introduced cutting-edge technologies intended to make life a lot more convenient for humans.

Low Current Systems

Low Current System subtitle covers multiple specialized Systems, such as: -Fire Alarm System -Audiovisual Systems -Community Antenna Systems -Master Clock System -Nurse call system -Public Address System -Security Systems, and integration -Data networks systems -Telephone systems -Video production and distribution

IT Solutions & Data Cabling

Give your business the edge it needs and support services. IT Services your business needs. -Server Installations & Decommissions -Network Installations & Upgrades -Wireless Network installations -SPAM Filter Installations -Web Filter Installations -Data Backup Solutions -Custom Projects

WEB Design & Development

web site is the most important component of your company’s. It’s the central hub for your messaging efforts and should have all other marketing materials allocated to it. Taking advantage of these resources and holding true to current and effective web practices, planingtec web design & development solutions are customized to meet your needs

Mobile Apps

Adapting from our experience with web application development and web marketing, we are able to develop targeted mobile marketing and information delivery solutions for our clients.

Desktop And Media Solutions

Interactive media consist of videos, presentations, animations and other forms of digital media that further enhance your web site, application or CD ROM projects.

E-Marketing & Advertising Solutions

We help our clients by focusing on what works for both the search engines as well as their target audience. We focus on attracting the right traffic to your website, so that traffic converts.

Low current Services

Our goal is to present a distinguished, professional technical service with high standard. Our current activities focus on low current systems including Telephone System, CCTV, Burglar, MAster Clock, Video visual, Public Address, Fire alarm, SMATV, Access Control And More For Smart Home.

CCTV system

PLANING TECH specialises in the design, specification and installation of high performance CCTV systems. We have the ability to provide expert technical support when dealing with large CCTV systems within integrated applications

Telephone System

Telephone Systems are the lifeblood of any business. When a business purchases a phone system, they need to make sure that the company they select is a reputable firm with plenty of references.

Access Control

Innovative and effective access control systems are the corner stones on which the PLANING TECH business has been developed. We are committed to bringing you secure, robust and aesthetically pleasing products.

Fire Alarm System

In order to safe any building or facility, our engineers design and install the best suitable Fire Alarm system to secure the building.

Public Address

With a variety of public address systems you can decorate any facility with music or use the system as a tool to communicate with the masses.

Burglar(Alarm) System

Alarm Systems are designed to protect both people and premises. Systems are configured to provide security when buildings are occupied or empty by detecting unwanted intrusion within or at the boundaries of the protected areas.

Audio Visual

-Detailed Engineering Design oCommercial & Technical Proposals -Complete System Integration -Programming & Commissioning -Technical Consultancy Services

Master Clock

A master clock is a precision clock that provides timing signals to synchronise slave clocks as part of a clock network. Networks of electric clocks connected by wires to a precision master pendulum clock began to be used in institutions like factories, offices, and schools around 1900.

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